Monday, August 27, 2007
  Media Effects blog launch
This space was created to store the content from my Fall 2007 Media Effects class (CCJN4394-001).

The emergence of particular mass media formats in recent centuries has redefined the distribution of political power, culture and knowledge throughout Western civilization. Additionally, the past three generations have seen mass media permeating all aspects of the average American citizen’s life, influencing the way he or she sees, hears, learns and thinks.

As America enters a new age as an information society, media play an increasingly important role in the production and maintenance of social capital, collective norms and the definitional boundaries of society.

All media use has consequences or effects. Some of these consequences are intended, some are not. Some of these consequences are obvious and accessible, some require no small effort to uncover. Some consequences affect our society as a whole, some affect immediate communities, some affect individuals.

The primary goal of this course is to draw students into informed conversations about the effects of media on societies and individuals. Students will consult scholarly materials, media products and other materials to create environments of rationale discourse suitable for considering complex social questions and issues.

In the course of this study, students will examine how various media exert influence on consumers as well as how consumers use media to reinforce their own cultural values.
This blog is a companion piece to CCJN4394:Media Effects taught by Dr. J. Richard Stevens at Southern Methodist University.

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