Thursday, December 6, 2007
  The black guy is the bad guy yet again...
So I was catching up on my weekly dose of "Dirty Sexy Money" and I couldn't help but notice...the one black guy on the show turns out to be the bad guy.

Simon Caldwell supposedly has bad history with the Darling family and is possibly linked to the murder of Nick's father.


It's so irritating when shows featuring a nearly all white cast make the superficial effort of including ethnic minorities and then go so far as to make them the enemy. The producers of Desperate Housewives did the same. When the Apple family moved onto Wysteria Lane, we knew they had a dirty little secret. Then halfway into the season we find out the son is a murderer.

For once I would like to see a primetime show that focuses on an ethnic family in a positive light. It would do some good to give audiences a taste of their culture and slash the negative stereotypes that society faslely believes is true.
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