Thursday, December 6, 2007
  Imus Returns to Radio
Don Imus returned to radio on Monday with his tail between his legs. His return comes eight months after being fired by NBC for a vicious racial slur against the Rutger’s women’s basketball team. The comment drew national attention—not in a good way—and it seemed like Imus was gone for good.

During his first morning on-air Imus vowed never to say “anything like that again,” but I am wondering if he can keep his promise. He also hired two black comedians, one male and one female, to join the show. It seems as though Imus is going to great lengths to clear his name. But it all seems a little bit too obvious for me. Hiring two black comedians to join the show doesn’t condone the comments that he made.

I feel like Imus is attempting to create a smoke-screen effect to hide his reputation. And it is going to take a lot more than that to gain even an ounce of respect from me, and I don’t think I am alone in that sentiment. Then again, maybe he is making a genuine effort to clear his name. His new co-workers better keep him in check.
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