Thursday, December 6, 2007
  Misrepresentation in Video Games
Though the television industry has made an effort to improve minority portrayals, it seems video games have missed the message.

A 2001 study by the U.S. organization Children Now, entitled "Fair Play -- Violence, Gender and Race in Video Games" examined some of the most popular games to assess the extent of stereotyping. It found that:

-Most protagonists (86 percent) were white males

-Non-white males were portrayed in stereotypical ways— seven out of ten Asian characters as fighters, and eight out of ten African-Americans as sports competitors

-Nearly nine out of ten African-American females were victims of violence (twice the rate of white females)

-79 per cent of African-American males were shown as verbally and physically aggressive, compared to 57 per cent of white males

Pretty messed up if you ask me...

These video games perpetuate racial stereotypes to such an extent it's inevitable that they'd filter into society. Kids learn to associate colored men with violence, women as objects and often times victims, and white men as leaders with intelligence and good morals.

If television can make the effort, why can't video games?? It's about time they wake up and make some changes.
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