Thursday, December 6, 2007
  The surprise bachelor
What's with all the fuss about "The Bachelor" this season? I mean FOR ONCE the guy is real and doesn't fall for the reality tv crap and then he gets shit on by everyone in the media.

Brad Womack, a bar-owner from Texas, refused to BS the final two women about a future with him and ended up sending both women home. Though I was singing him praise, it seems like everyone else in the world was giving him the one finger.

Ellen Degeneres had him on her show this week and the poor guy spent the entire time defending himself. Why should someone have to apologize for not falling in love? I mean let's be real...I've walked into a frat house of more than 25 guys before and not ONE of them was date-worthy, let alone, MARRIAGE-worthy. Do audiences really expect this guy to find a wife out of 25 women on reality tv?!

I mean common', the show has a 1 out of 14 success rate. The two would break up anyway.
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