Thursday, December 6, 2007
  Video Games...the New IT Handbag?
I thought after finishing my second paper on video games that I would finally be able to forget them, but unfortunately I have had no such luck. I feel like video games have become the new it designer handbag: everyone is talking about them and everyone wants them. But why?

I received the best answer to that question during an interview for my final video game paper. "Girls shop when they are angry or upset or just for the fun of it and I use Halo 3 the same way," said a regular video game player. So I guess Michel de Montaigne and Sigmund Freud were right with their modern view of entertainment as a recreational tool to relieve stress, boredom, and unhappiness.

We all are attracted to different forms of entertainment for different reasons. However, it seems unfair that Neiman Marcus closes and video game systems stay open all night.
Good comparison between video games and handbags. It happens a lot and I've seen it myself. People always start to talk about games, I want this, I want that. It's becoming a fashion statement to say you own and play a certain game.
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